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Air Showers and Tunnels supply concentrated Class , clean air flows to lift off contamination while an individual stands in, or walks through, a specially. Air showers, as cleanrooms, should follow the basic concept of filtering and moving air–to both remove contamination from the garment and extract the removed. By producing high velocity clean air streams, cleanroom air showers dislodge and carry away a quantity of large dust and dirt particles from the garments of.

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The biggest contribution of particles in the Cleanroom comes from garments and footwear of personnel. Dou Yee Air Shower removes contaminants from the personnel. Proven to reduce contamination from plant entrances Showering each employee with carefully planned streams of air prevents human-borne contaminants from. For the safe introduction into the clean room, the active persons air shower is an important component. The personal air shower minimizes the particles on.

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Our cleanroom airshowers are completely self-contained with only an electrical power connection needed for operation. Adjustable cleanroom air shower nozzles. Liberty Industries, Inc. · Atmos-Tech Industries · Filtration Technology Inc. · NCI Inc (formerly Innotech Products) · Airflotek, Inc. · Cleanroom Supply · Technical. Air Shower Tunnels are used as downflow booths to remove particulate contamination from personnel entering clean rooms and sterile rooms. Your Air Shower.